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Invested in the peace and prosperity of

North Texas 


We believe that at the end of the day we all want to see our cities prosper.  We all want the opportunity to be involved and do what we can to help.  But many question if it's even possible to be involved.


  • Do I have the time to commit to something else?

  • Will we have enough money to give to make a difference?

  • Where would I even start?


We all want to be a part of something bigger than ourselves, but our jobs, children, and extracurricular activities can make it difficult to serve in the way we would like.  So here at The Real Estate Project we have created a way for you to serve your local community in an easy and fun way!  We all know of people that have real estate needs, either now or in the future.  Why not send them to a real estate company that is invested in the local community?   Instead of spending our money marketing ourselves to the masses, we rely upon our Advocates who refer business our way.  That allows us to reallocate our money usually spent on marketing to serve the greater good of our communities. Since 2012 we have donated over $240,000 to 35+ different non-profits right here in DFW....all through real estate transactions.   Our Advocates are the true heros who make this all possible!


Would you please considering joining us and becoming an Advocate for your local community?



*There is absolutely no cost to becoming an Advocate.  We just need your help by sending friends and family our way for their real estate needs.  We just want to stay in touch a few times a year by letting you know about the impact you are making in your local community.  Thanks in advance for joining!

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